Walking shoes review

Recently we purchased some Decathlon SH MH500 Walking shoes. I have an excellet pair of walking boots that feel like slippers, never given me any bother but we don’t always want to be wearing them as they are heaving and cumbersome for walking the canal paths where we live.


This was the partial submersion before we had no choice but to walk though a mini lake

We had our reservations when we first bought them as they were fairly cheap at £49, compared to the cost of our walking boots. Our first opportunity to test them out came the weekend after the Best from the East had let go of the country.

We came across many highly boggy, water logged points. we braved the puddles, at some points completely (all be it briefly) submerging a foot. I’d fully expected to have a shoe full of water but they held up well. Our first test walk was around 10 miles and I’m pleased to report that I didn’t get a single blister. The only thing I was left with was a small graze on the back of my right ankle from the rough part of the shoe rubbing on my bare skin but I’m sure had my sock been pulled up correctly this wouldn’t have happen.

We’ve used them around twice a week for the last month and I have to say they’ve been fine every time. We’ve taken some rather muddy trails, you’re bound to slip and slide a little bit in any shoe, these have a good sole with a good amount of tread. Enough that you can trust the shoe to hold steady as you place your foot. We really like them

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