Picnic Hamper (review)


20180516_215318-295608745.jpgWe received this fantastic ruck sack’ Greenfield deluxe hamper’ for four as a wedding present, I believe it cost around £50. With a December wedding, we had to for better weather for an opportunity to use it.

I have to say I love it, the padded straps are comfortable to wear and distribute the weight really well across your back even when the pack is full to bursting. There is a front pocket that has two straps with snaps to hold things like keys or your phone.


The main body of the pack unzips completely, inside is cutlery for four, four plates(decent size too), four fabric napkins with matching table cloth. There are four plastic wine glasses that don’t feel made as robustly as they might have been. A cute little chopping board complete with bread knife, salt and pepper pot, bottle opener and stopper. there is even a handy fold out bag for rubbish or carrying extras.


Either side has an insulated bottle pocket, great for keeping drinks cold or warm. The final pocket is as big as the back of the sack and is also fully insulated. I carried the bag for an hour and didn’t find any problems other than my back getting sweaty as there is no where for the air to get to it.



Next time I would use a carabineer to clip my picnic blanket too it.

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